Dr Platon Cold Plasma

What is it?

This device employs breakthrough plasma shower technology to transform two main gases in the air (Oxygen and Nitrogen) between the tip and the skin, to non-thermal plasma at a temperature of 35-40 degrees celsius.

Who is it suitable for?

  1. ACNE/ PROBLEMATIC SKIN – The plasma is extremely effective in destroying acne bacteria and quickly reduces inflammation. It balances sebum production and prevents acne reoccurrence.
    The oxidative stress of the cold plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skins immune system. it reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin conditions such as:
  2. SKIN REJUVENATION/ ANTI-AGING – The plasma triggers the division of basal cells (cells that produce new skin cells), to stimulate epidermal regeneration, collagen production, the formation of new blood cells, strengthens skin immunity and the skins barrier.
  3. STERILIZATION – The electrical voltage between the freely charged particles in plasma which are electrons and irons, cause the cell membrane to disintegrate and accelerate the self-destruction mechanism of cells. The damage to the DNA creates a disinfection process, destroying bacteria and fungi.
  4. DEPIGMENTING – Then atomic oxygen in the plasma oxygenates the melanin in the skin and is therefore, effective in lightening dark spots. It also reduces the level of haemoglobin (a protein containing iron) around the spot, reducing redness.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on the skin concern. Ideally treatment once a week or every 10-14 days for 4 treatments.
You can also have this monthly.

Overview & what to expect

  • Safe and suitable for ages 12 plus!

  • Perfect for teenagers.

  • Non-invasive and pain free.

  • No skin prep prior to treatment and no downtime.

  • Can be used on the face and body.

  • Results after 1-2 treatments.

  • Brilliant for inflammation.

  • No skin destruction.

  • 1 week post treatment and you be amazed!


  • £70 – 65 minute treatment that includes an ozone steam, LED light therapy, a décolletage, shoulder, neck and head massage and a CLINICARE face sheet mask.

  • £35 – 30 minutes as a quick fix which includes a cleanse, plasma and finishing products.

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